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On-Demand Private Jet Charter Solutions for Business and Leisure Travelers Who Expect the Best in Safety and Service.
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International Charter Desk leads
the industry in procuring

Safe, vetted aircraft for on-demand air charter with a database that tracks more than 5,500 private aircraft worldwide.
Providing 24-hour world-class service, International Charter Desk knows the ins and outs of private air charter, custom checks, airports restrictions, VIP services and special requests. Our goal is to provide world class service for our clients.
From tailoring charters that meet your individual requirements and safety, to comfortable and luxurious solutions to your travel needs with the utmost level of professionalism and quality.


The Safety and Security of Our Customers is Our Top Priority.
We ensure all aircraft are operated by companies who deliver the highest level of safety and security.
We select our aircraft from a very small group of qualified pilots and operators. Our Clients Receive Detailed Safety Information.
International Charter Desk partners with various industry research databases to track pilot certificates, aircraft registrations, and operator certificates.
This includes continual review of accidents, incidents and any other relevant information.


A global network to increase your worldwide efficiency. Negotiated supplier discounts to reduce your costs. Trip assessment and budget management to impact your bottom-line results. Personalized service to simplify your journey.

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